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8 Days Tanzania Cultural tour, Lakes Manyara, Eyasi & Zanzibar

8 Days Tanzania Cultural tour, Lakes Manyara, Eyasi & Zanzibar

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When you arrive at Airport you will find our driver guide with a billboard written your name on it, he will pick you to the hotel, we will come to give you a briefing about your stay in Tanzania and your safari, rest for next day safari.



Early in the morning after breakfast you will have a drive to Materuni, your guide and driver will pick you up in Moshi around 9:00 am and drive to Materuni village. After you’ve registered at the village office, your adventure can start. In this tour you can explore Tanzania Culture and local life style. You’re walking through small villages and learn about local culture, you will walk for about 45 minutes over narrow paths through lush vegetation.

There’ll be time to rest at the waterfall, even a swim if you will be able to tolerate the cold water. If you’re lucky, you can see the wonderful Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa with 5895 meter height of which you can see it from different countries but only climbing is possible from Tanzania. People reside in this village is Chagga,  they are the third largest tribe of over 120 tribes existing in Tanzania, and most of them live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll spend all of the day hiking to and visiting Materuni waterfalls. You will get some information about Chaga culture, and the chance to make your own coffee. In the late evening you will go to the hotel for dinner and overnight.



After breakfast you will drive to Mto-wa-Mbu a town close to Lake Manyara. On your way you will pass through different Curio shops and Maasai local market to experience their business. Mostly women are the main participant in Maasai market where they are selling products from had products to food products while men are dealing with selling domestic animal only like cows, goats and lambs. In the late afternoon you will arrive in Mto wa Mbu where you will go to the hotel for lunch, you will experience the different tribes in Mto-wa-Mbu, whether by bicycle or walking is possible (with special request). In the evening you will arrive in your lodge for dinner and overnight.



In the afternoon you will have a village tour. You will see how bricks are made from volcanic soil, which was found at the foot of the crater rim. Most of people living in Karatu Mto wa Mbu are belong to the people of Iraq, a Cushitic ethnic group that is over 1000 years ago migrated from Yemen here. They stand out because of their slender physique, fair skin and fine features. Many of them are engaged in agriculture, and their area is known as “the breadbasket” of the country. Hot lunch lodge.

You will get to know the lifestyle of these people, see their houses and what clothes they wear traditional. You will make a side trip to the “Makonde people”, the Makonde are one of the five major ethnic groups in Tanzania. They are exceptional craftsmen and known for its beautiful wood carvings. Back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.



Morning after breakfast you will start a safari to Lake Manyara National Park, the park is located 126 kilometers from Arusha town, and covers a total of 330 square kilometers, it is accessible throughout the year depending on clients’ option. The Park is set in a natural Crater, creating a beautiful environment for Safari. The park attracts a lot of visitors due to it being the natural habitat of many different species of beautiful birds over 400 species living in the park who spend their days searching for food from shore of Lake Manyara.

Apart from birds, also there are many animals that inhabit the park including Lion, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos, Baboons, Zebra’s, and many other herbivores. Hot spring water makes the park more unique; water comes up from the ground bubbling, and they flow all year round in all seasons

Within the park you will enjoy lions which climbing on trees, this can only be seen in Lake Manyara National Park. Climbing trees was an adaptive behavior due to wet land allover the time within the park which destroyed lion’s nails hence force lion to climb on trees to escarp the problem.  After whole day game drive you will be taken to lake Eyasi, in the late evening you will go to the lodge for dinner and overnight.



After your breakfast you will start a safari to Hadzabe ethnic group remain in Tanzania and Africa in general. The Hadza, or Hadzabe are an indigenous ethnic group in north-central Tanzania, living around Lake Eyasi in the central Rift Valley and in the neighboring Serengeti Plateau. This ethnic group is living in traditional way of life by digging roots, gathering fruits and hunting. You will get a time to immerse yourself in their local way of living, involve in hunting activities. Some of them do not put on clothes rather they use animal skin to dress up their body. Increase in tourism affected their local life. After whole day experience you will be taken to lodge for dinner and overnight.



Morning after breakfast you will drive to Arusha airport to take your flight to Zanzibar where it will take an hour to Zanzibar, on your arrival you will meet our team representative who will give you a short brief about Zanzibar, their culture, norms and traditions and you will be transferred to your hotel for dinner and overnight. Zanzibar is more famous as the spice Island due to its good smell of cloves which smells in the country. It is most attractive with comfortable beaches with good sunset view. You will spend the whole day breathing sea wind and relaxing after long journey, dinner and overnight at hotel.



There are optional activities, which can be done on these days, if you are interested you can visit cloves plantation, sea diving or dolphin tour. Not only that but also you can visit Ngome Kongwe and Stone town where you can enjoy traditional dances and songs. At late evening you will go to your hotel for dinner and overnight.



After breakfast you will go to enjoy dolphin tour. It is among the famous activity in Zanzibar which tourists do enjoy. Zanzibar has got a beautiful white sand clean beach where you will enjoy sunrise and sunset at the beach with wind from the sea. You will stay at the beach the whole day memorizing you safari and looking the photo you took during the safari. According to the flight times of your international departure, you will be transferred to Kisauni Airport already to take your flight to your home country.


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