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7 Days Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater

7 Days Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater

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Once you arrive at the airport you will find our professional driver guide who will give you a short briefing about Tanzania then he will drive you to the hotel for overnight and dinner. (Depend on your arrival time).



Around 8:00am in the morning our driver guide will pick you to start a safari to Manyara National park, on the way you will have a time to visit local market for curios and souvenir. Lake Manyara National park is located in Arusha region, its name derived from the lake which is found within the park “LAKE MANYARA”. Lake Manyara National park is a scenic national park, as visitors enter the gate they pass into the high forest; they are welcomed by baboons and blue monkeys. Further along the forest opens up into woodland, grassland, swamps and beyond the soda lake itself. It covers 330km2. It is sanctuary to over 400 species of birds including flamingo, pelican, storks, ibis, cormorant and Egyptian geese.

Manyara national park is the unique national park where you will get the time to see different huge herds of buffaloes and elephants. Also giraffes, hippos, reedbuck, warthog, wildebeest, zebras and a great variety of smaller animals can be seen, hippopotamus and lions which climbing trees. Climbing trees of lion is adaptive behavior to fit the environmental condition where there was a lot of water which destroyed their nails and make difficult for them to hunt. Tsetse flies also were disturbing them forced lions to find the way to escape the problem.

Manyara river become the main source of water to the park especially during dry season where it attract animals and most of prays come to get water hence become easy for predator to hunt, you will take a good photo during predator hunting. After whole day game drive you will be taken to the hotel/lodge/campsite for rest and dinner.



You will get a time to see the big Crater and the largest unbroken caldera in the world, The Ngorongoro crater which is known as hole of God. This protected area stretches from Lake Natron (the breeding ground for East Africa’s flamingos) in the Northeast, to Lake Eyasi in the South, and Lake Manyara to the East). Olduvai Gorge and the Ngorongoro Crater, has been described as one of the great natural wonders of the world. Eight million years ago, the Ngorongoro Crater was an active volcano but its cone collapsed, forming the crater that is 610 meters deep, 20 kilometers in diameter, and covers an area of 250 km2.

The crater is home to many species of wild animals and birds. With the exception of impala and topi due to competition with the wildebeest and the giraffe because there is not much to eat at tree level, almost every species of African plains mammal lives in the crater, including the endangered black rhino, and the densest population of predators in Africa. A strange thing is that the crater elephants are mainly bulls. The birdlife, which includes the flamingo, is mainly seasonal, and is also affected by the ratio of soda to fresh water in Lake Magadi on the crater floor.

You might see interaction of wild animals and local people (Maasai) are permitted to water their cattle at the permanent lake and can be seen leading their animals in and out of the crater. The Maasai reside near many game parks and their dressing is very distinctive. Consequently, they are probably the most well-known African ethnic group in the world. Their culture is intricate and fascinating. The more cattle, the wealthier the warrior and his wealth then enable him to take multiple wives. Herds are large and warriors constantly wander on the mountain and surrounding plains seeking pasture for their animals often camping out.

The area is accessible all over the year especially during dry season. You will drive a direct to Serengeti national Park where you will see some animals en route and then you will be taken to Luxury tented camp for dinner and overnight.


Serengeti national park it is called the endless plain where the largest plain land is found, within the plain if you are lucky you will see all big five animals. Predators like lion and leopard get enough time to chase prays because of the available enough land space hence you will get a time to spot animal hunting.

You will see great Migration of wildebeest within the park (wildebeest migration) crossing the Mara River. The migrations contain more than two hundred thousand wildebeest and other animals like zebra, impala and bird species. Wildebeest uses zebra as their watchman because zebra has good eye focusing ability where they can focus the predator at the very long distance and give the sign to wildebeest for the protection. Also within the group Impala they don’t stay away because they get protection as lion will hunt wildebeest rather than impala and make them remain safe. In symbiotic relationship bird species are beneficial to wildebeest as they take ticks which sting them. You will take the whole day game drive will be taken to luxury tented camp for rest and dinner.



In the morning you will start to game drive en route to Arusha already for you flight back home.


End of safari

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