Travel Shore Africa Safaris

Our safari tours take travellers on a journey through some of Africa’s most stunning national parks and game reserves, providing them with an opportunity to witness the iconic Big 5 up close and personal. Our cultural tours allow travellers to connect with the people and history of Africa, while our range of activities provides an opportunity to experience Africa’s natural beauty in a more active way.

Travel Shore Africa’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism ensures that our travelers have a positive impact on the local communities and environment. We work closely with local communities to provide economic opportunities and support conservation efforts, ensuring that the beauty and wildlife of Africa are preserved for generations to come.

At Travel Shore Africa, we strive to provide travelers with a meaningful and impactful travel experience that showcases the best of Africa’s natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse wildlife, while also supporting the local communities and preserving the environment.

Hop on board and travel with our team of experts and guides through Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda (or any other location in the world). This is where your journey starts.

A Glimpse Of The Kenya Safari | Video

Do you Need a Tailored Safari Package?

Our team at Travel Shore Africa Safaris is ready to help you plan your dream safari experience.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a group, or as a family, we understand that everyone has different preferences and requirements. That’s why we specialize in creating customized safari experiences. Let us know your preferences, budget, and desired travel dates, and we’ll create a custom safari adventure just for you. Unforgettable memories await – let’s make them together!


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Maasai Mara
Maasai Mara
Tsavo National Park
Tsavo National Park
Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru

Why Travel Shore Africa?

Tailor-made packages

Travel Shore Africa offers customized safari packages that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each client.

Experienced guides

Travel Shore Africa employs experienced and knowledgeable guides who are passionate about wildlife and conservation.


Committed to sustainable tourism practices that minimize the impact on the environment and support local communities.